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Our Vision

To provide the benefits to the entire world of living beings through creating a society of laymen and ascetics who are conscientious, prudent and awaken, and cultivating Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion) Muditha (sympathetic joy) and Upeksha (equanimity) is our vision.

“Sabbe saththa bhavanthu sukithaththa”

International Centre for Theravada Buddhism (ICTB Australia) has been registered as a not-for-profit organization (ABN: 80541810199) by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC). Theravada Buddhist Philosophy is taught and practical training is provided by the ICTB Australia with the advice and guidance of Venerable Maha Sangha of Labunoruwakanda Forest Monastery in Sri Lanka. Moreover, ICTB Australia intends to conduct programs to inculcate morale thinking of people from all walks of life including children, young adults as well as older adults and provides opportunities to learn Buddhism and practical training for any local or overseas person.

Our Spiritual Leaders

Ven. Mankadawala Sudassana Thero

Chief Dhamma Teacher

Ven Mankadawala Nandarathana Thero

Royal Pandith, Master of Arts

Ven Kothmale Kumarakassapa Thero

Royal Pandith, Master of Arts

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