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Sabbapapassa Akaranan - Kusalassa Upasampada
Sachiththapariyodapanan - Ethan Buddhanasasanan
"Admonition of all Lord Buddhas is to refrain from all sins, generate merits and to control one's mind"

The main objective of establishing this Buddhist institution is to open the opportunities to meditate and study unadulterated Theravada Buddhism for anyone in the world regardless of their religion. This institution intends to operate as an international Buddhist centre that provides guidance and opportunities to study the Buddhist philosophy preached by the Lord Buddha who was born in the sixth century BC. This noble project offers opportunities to enhance the mental wellbeing of many who have been exhausted by a rat race driven by inexpiable needs of human beings. Above all, it envisions to provide an immense benefit to all communities in the entire world by enabling them to comprehend the reality of the world through the Buddhist philosophy.
Devotees have the prospect of pledging their support to initiate this noble task now, as it is expected to establish the International Centre for Theravada Buddhism, Australia in 2022. By pledging your support, you can accumulate immense merits for both this as well as next life and attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana. 

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