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Blood Donation Program


The blood and plasma donation programme aimed to address the critical need for blood & plasma in our community and contribute to the well being of those in medical suffering. The event was open to the public, and we collaborated with Australia Red Cross LIfeblood to ensure a seamless and efficient donation process.

ICTB Create blood donation team as per organisation name and who ever donating can nominate the ITCB team.

Program Date: 23/12/2023                                            


The donation was made with the intention of supporting people those who need help.

Pre-Event Preparations

Prior to the event, our team undertook several preparatory measures.

  • Coordination with local blood donation centre and medical professionals
  • Publicity and awareness campaigns through social media, and teams groups
  • Volunteer recruitment and training sessions to ensure a smooth flow of activities during the programme.

Event day activities

On the day of the event, a dedicated team of volunteers and healthcare professionals managed various activities.

  • Registration of donors and health screening.
  • Blood donation process supervised by qualified medical personnel.
  • Refreshments and rest areas for donors in blood donation centre.


Total number of donors: 13

Breakdown of blood types collected: 4 plasma, 9 whole blood


Utilize social media platforms, whatsapp groups, and word-of-mouth to promote the program. Create visually appealing promotional materials highlighting key discussion topics.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all donors, volunteers, healthcare professionals, those who contributed to the success of the blood donation programme. Their commitment and support played a vital role in making the event a meaningful and impactful initiative.

Future plans

Building on the success of this programme, ICTB is committed to organizing similar events in the future. We will continue to collaborate with the community and healthcare partners to address the ongoing need for blood donations.


The blood donation programme was a resounding success, thanks to the collective efforts of the community and our dedicated team. We believe that such initiatives are essential for promoting a culture of humanity and community well-being.


For further inquiries or information, please contact:

ICTB Office

Event email –