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Executive Summary


Pindapata” is a term from Buddhism, particularly in the Theravada Buddhism. It is a Pali word that can be broken down into two components:

Together, “pindapata” roughly translates to “alms round” or “alms gathering.” In the context of Buddhism, especially in the monastic community (sangha), pindapata is a practice where monks go on an alms round to collect food. The monks walk silently through the community with their alms bowls, and laypeople offer them food as a way of making merit and supporting the monastic community.


This practice is an integral part of the monk’s way of life in Theravada Buddhism, emphasising simplicity, humility, and dependence on the generosity of the lay community for their material needs. The act of giving alms is also considered a virtuous and meritorious deed in Buddhism.


Program Date: 19/11/2023 (morning)


Sustaining Monastic Life: The primary purpose of Pindapatha is to provide venerable Thero with the basic necessities for survival, particularly food. By walking silently through the community with alms bowls, monks rely on the generosity of laypeople for sustenance.

Dependence on the Lay Community: The practice promotes a sense of interdependence between the monastic and lay communities. Laypeople have the opportunity to make merit by offering alms, and Venerable Thero in turn, receive the support they need for their simple and austere way of life.


Cultivating Humility: Pindapatha encourages Thero to lead a humble and simple existence. By relying on alms, monks are reminded of their dependence on the generosity of others, promoting humility and gratitude.


Opportunity for Lay Practitioners: For laypeople, offering alms is a way to participate in acts of generosity and accumulate merit. It provides an opportunity for the laity to engage in a tangible and direct form of support for the monastic community.


Every Sunday


Pindapatha walk will be doing every week in different areas and will publish a post in social media and other groups as what area Venerable Thero will come.

Target Audience

For all community people

Collaboration and Partnerships

Will community participants





Utilize social media platforms, local community bulletin boards, and word-of-mouth to promote the program. Create visually appealing promotional materials highlighting key discussion topics.


Evaluation and Success Metrics

Will be merits and blessing for everyone who involve this event.



In conclusion, Pindapatha, the alms round in Buddhism, serves as a fundamental practice with multifaceted objectives. It is a ritual deeply embedded in the Theravada Buddhism, carrying significance for both the monastic and lay communities. By doing this will involved kids and all the future generation about the fundamental of Buddhism, community work etc.

Walking Rout

Walking Rout